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September 10, 2003

Another great review

DaGoddess has struck again, this time with what I believe is the best-written review of one of my books ever:


Dora - Imagine being prey for a hideous, unknown beast. Everyone around you - suspect. Just one or two friends are there to offer you comfort occasionally, but they, too, are being hunted.

Jerry - Imagine being able to reach into the darkest recesses of a twisted, obsessed, fouled mind. Every deviant thought and deed, bleeding into your psyche as you probe further, trying to uncover the key to the hunter's schedule. You're the one who can work your way into the depraved mind and you're assigned to track down the predators you can't identify by sight. The prey isn't trusting you to be her protector. How can you possibly defend her when you don't know who the enemy is?

Sounds like the job from Hell, doesn't it?

For Jerry Leger, it's all in a day's work. For Pandora Collins, it's her life at stake.

L.A. Stalker is compelling and chilling. A true page-turner. David Kilpatrick strikes each chord with resounding clarity in this psychological thriller. Beyond CSI: Hollywood, his look into the world of celebrity stalkers and those hired to protect the glitterati, is spellbinding. Far more than a novel dedicated to the dangers of stardom, he takes you into the minds of the mad, the scarred, and the brutalized.

Start this book early in the morning and don't stop reading until you're done! Let's just hope you can finish before the shadows set in...


August 1, 2003

A great review from fellow blogger SugarMama, as posted on her site:

L.A. Stalker

I read DK's novels during my recent travels to New York and to the beach in Florida. The two novels had a few things in common. Both were a perfect fit for what I was seeking: entertaining travel/beach reading, not difficult to digest - something to entertain me while, at the same time, allowing my brain to remain on vacation. In both novels, DK weaves interesting plot lines and has a talent for colorful characterization.

L.A. Stalker is a novel about a movie star who hires a hit man to kill three people who had been stalking herself and two of her famous friends. The plan backfires when the hitman becomes obsessed with the movie star and begins to stalk her. The movie star becomes smitten with the cop assigned to find the initial stalker, and he becomes emotionally involved, so much that he risks his life and professional credibility to discover and eliminate the hitman.

The book focuses on the fact that stalkers derive sexual pleasure from being in power and controlling another person. I mentioned to DK that the book mentioned erections too often for my comfort zone. Perhaps "he became aroused" would be a more acceptable phrase for my Southern sense of propreity (ok, you can stop laughing at me now. I *am* a good girl! Sometimes!). Well, books can get away with being more pornographic than movies. People who read books (as opposed to people who don't read, and let me tell you, there are a lot of them around here) are exposed to (pardon the pun) a higher degree of violent or sexual content because Tipper Gore has yet to slap a Parental Advisory rating on the cover of books (however, we do have a parental system of checks and balances, and here in Alabama the rabid parents like to ban Harry Potter and Salinger's Catcher in the Rye). In a roundabout way, what I am trying to say here is that LAS is an NC-17 rated novel.

While I did feel uncomfortable reading LAS at times, I think that was DK's intent. Those of us who have no contact with many of the evils in the world (yes, my life is sheltered) will feel shocked at times when reading the book. He characterized the movie star woman (the main female character) as someone who had suffered from sexual abuse during her childhood, which explained much of her adult behavior. I felt pity for the woman, despite that she had more money than I could possess in fifty of my own lifetimes.

LAS was about twice as long as UWT, and although I don't find myself the kind of person who enjoys crime/action novels, I couldn't put this one down, either. It is a digestible read and I finished the novel in approximately 1.25 days, during my vacation at the beach.

Both novels have plot lines that could very well be transformed into screenplays. Hooray for DK's active imagination. And go check them out if you want to read something fun.

August 1, 2003

A nice review from fellow blogger Trailer Park Girl, as posted on her site:

Shame on me! Some months ago, I was contacted by a writer named David Kilpatrick who had stopped by my blog. (David has since been adding value to my “comments” box on a semi-regular basis.) David offered to send me complimentary copies of his books L.A. Stalker and Undercover White Trash if I would agree to review the books. I agreed to review them, he promptly sent me the books, I read them, I quite enjoyed them … and, you guessed it, have yet to publish reviews of them! Here we are, more than halfway through the summer (heck, I guess it’s fall already in places like Minnesota), and my readers have not yet been acquainted with these works, both of which make for excellent summer vacation/beach reads. As Sugarmama observes, both books would translate well into screenplays. (If Undercover White Trash gets made into a film, I would love to play one of the trailer-park characters.)

Now Sugarmama, who received review copies from David more recently than I did, has written good reviews of both books. And I’m going to do the lazy thing and say (truthfully) that I totally agree with her reviews, and could not have summed up the books or the reading experience better myself. So go read Sugarmama’s reviews. And go visit David Kilpatrick’s site! He’s got other good books as well, and the summer is only half over! David has never once given me a hard time about my failure to hold up my end of our agreement. David, please forgive my slacker ass. Or don’t!

Just found this nice review on!

February 16, 2003

Bought this book from the author himself on the streets of Noho (North Hollywood). I thought I'd give it a try. Boy was I surprised! This is a great book with lots love and research into the criminal mind and into police work in the writing. Very detailed without being boring. I hope whoever catches it enjoys it. A real L.A. story.

by jillebean from North Hollywood, California USA

book rating: [ 7 of 10 stars]

3/4/2003 - R. Blair - emailed review

LA Stalker is born.

OK. I can now get on with my life. I have locked everyone and everything out of my existence for the past two days so I could finish LA Stalker!! Thank goodness the ending lived up to the intensity as the plot unfolded. I would seriously have considered my own stalking of a certain author if this book had fallen short. David, flat out, no BS: You have a serious talent for writing. Rarely does any book grab me the way this thing did. But, like one of your other readers, I can't go recommending it to my Bishop or I will get in trouble.

This is one wild ride! The language was not what I like in a novel, but you must endure it to read any crime book these days. The part that gets me is how well this will evolve into a movie. But then.... what studio would have the guts to exploit this book? Talk about a "self-fulfilling prophecy!!" I believe you have two things with this book #1) Possibly the best crime thriller written in two decades. Your insights into the criminal mind rival those of Vincent Bugliosi. #2) A book that could never go to the movies because Hollywood will think it hits too close to home. But here is what you have accomplished, for me, anyway: When I could have - and should have - been doing other important things, I read your book! I read it at stop lights while waiting for the light to change; on the phone while someone thinks I am listening to their important conversation; while driving on a particularly boring stretch of highway; in the theater while waiting for the movie to start; in a restaurant while trying to avoid soiling the page with ketchup as it drips from the french fry, and on and on. David, in all seriousness, you are one of the finest writers I have ever had the pleasure (although a littler perverse in the current novel) to read. I hope you have thought about how to deal with fame and fortune because, when word gets out, you will have both.

I have squandered a nice religious study-time morning reading your latest novel!!!!!! Do you understand how addicting your writing is? Aarrgh!! Too late now, but you could have used a different "pen" name like Scott Turow Wambaugh or something, so all of us who fell in love with your writing through your friendly elephant, will not have to keep "scratching" the name printed on the cover of your latest novel to make sure there is no mistake... Yep, we are all asking the question: "How could a guy with such a love for animals write such a creepy book?"

Very well done... But I now must lock it away for fear somebody who knows me may think I went off the deep end for being captivated by the subject matter of this book.

Kilpatrick has arrived.


11/20/02 - Emailed review

LA Stalker is an excellent portrayal of the criminal psyche of Sexual Predators. LA Stalker vividly exposes the self-destructive behavior of victims of sexual abuse. Finally, LA Stalker renews the spirit and reminds Criminal Justice professionals why this is our chosen field and that our greatest reward is the healing of victims.

Michael McGuire

(Michael is currently the warden of a correctional institution specializing in paroled sex offenders, among other things. He is a former sheriff's department captain, jail director, probation officer and has over 16 years of experience dealing with criminals in their element.)

1/4/2003 - AMAZON.COM review

As I started to read, "L.A. Stalker", I was overwhelmed with the thought of redemption. Finally, a story where the bad guy gets his due. However, as I continued reading, the pleasure associated with a ritual payback, and all that entails, was taken for a ride. From the beginning, I was obsessed with the tale and how it would end. I expected the usual, all is okay story, but was pleasantly surprised by the unexpected turn of events as I approached the end.

From the moment I opened the cover, I could not put this book down. I felt as though I was in the same room as the participants, many times, and experienced the fear and serenity of the characters. The detail which was described in many not so pretty situations, was precise and factual. When I finished, I started back at page one, as I was wanting to absorb all of the little clues and innuendoes, that I thought I might have missed on the way to the final chapter.

Overall, it is an outstanding, detailistic thriller.

Lloyd Steveson - Phoenix, Arizona

The following is an anonymous emailed review received 1/20/03. It is typical of the comments I am receiving about the book because of its controversial subject matter:

I'll never, ever admit I couldn't put it down or that I read EVERY word.



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